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A multifactoriel disease

Cancer is not just one disease but a group of more than 100 different diseases. And as more is learned about the molecular biology of cancer, researchers will have more targets for their new drugs and along with new chemotherapy drugs or combinations, they are developing new classes of molecules such as monoclonal antibodies and small signaling pathway inhibitors.

To follow these advances, healthcare professional need new tools to better characterize the specific cancer of the patient in front of them and to help them choosing the best treatment corresponding to these conditions.

OncoDEEP Shipment Kit

An easy, convenient and prepaid way
to send your patient’s sample

After a discussion with your patient, you come to the agreement of testing his tumor and completing a molecular fingerprint. You want to receive clues for his treatment and information about clinical trial availability for his specific condition: This kit contains slides cases and a slot for an FFPE block and prefilled DHL form for a n easy and free shipment.

You just have to enclose the sample and 7 days after receipt, you get the analysis’ results.

Oncoshare App

A web interface to share test results

OncoSHARE will first allow you to follow closely sample shipment and technical process until first data are generated and delivered. You can then start looking at variants discovered using NGS, at protein expression or phosphorylation analyzed with IHC and when all the results have been generated and integrated, comes treatment suggestions and clinical trial availabilities fitting the particular molecular characteristic of the tumor.

This case is particularly complex and you want to discuss it with a colleague or a renowned specialist ? Just share it and they will have a direct access to the data. Safe, convenient and fast.

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